This oath, drawn up by Jérôme Lejeune, is the one which members of the Pontifical Academy for Life pronounce, before their admission to it. Jérôme Lejeune produced the text of it when the Academy was founded and he himself appointed first president by John Paul II, in February 1994, a few weeks before his death.




 Before God and men we bear witness that for us every human being is a person.

From the moment the embryo is formed until death it is the same human being which grows to maturity and dies. The absolute respect owed to patients depends neither on their age nor on any infirmity which may afflict them. Just as medicine remains at the service of a life that is ending, so also it is there to protect a life just beginning.

From the moment of conception the person is inalienable. The fertilized ovum, the embryo, the foetus, the newly born, may not be given away, or sold. Nobody may subject it to any experiment...